Gigi Otálvaro-Hormillosa

writer, performer, psychogeographer

M.U.V.E. (2004)

H & G priests-big


Trailer of Otalvaro-Hormillosa and Carducci’s Performance

Queer Cheers

Girls with Big Balls


Octopuss Martini Hut

Trailer of Group Show

In June 2004, Devil Bunny along with artistic collaborator Heather Cox Carducci premiered a movement and sound based performance piece incorporating fitness props as metaphors to address empowerment at the level of love, physicality, spirituality, and creativity. This performance was part of a larger evening featuring video, sound, fashion and performance based work by queer, API, mixed race, and Latina female artists. M.U.V.E. (Movement Uninhibited Violating Everything) was curated and organized by Gigi and Heather, and produced by (a)eromestiza (the organization for which Gigi serves as Artistic Director), the United States of Asian America, the National Queer Arts Festival, and the Queer Latino/a Artists Coalition(QueLACo), with funding from the Zellerbach Family Fund, the Astraea Lesbian Foundation, and the Horizons Foundation. Other participating artists included Eliza Barrios, Melissa Dougherty, Ixta Lagos, emael, Jenifer Wofford; Fashion by Marilyn Yu and Jenny Hacker.

In 2004 and 2005, Gigi and Heather went on to perform excerpts from their performance at M.U.V.E. at El Museo del Barrio (New York, NY), The L-Fest (Portland, OR) and El Museo del Chopo (Mexico City).