Gigi Otálvaro-Hormillosa

writer, performer, psychogeographer

Psychogeography: Drifting through Soma (2011)


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In grad school, one of the assignments for my Sites class during the Spring ’10 semester, was to create a psychogeography, as conceptualized by Guy DeBord, a founding member of Situationist International, a group of international revolutionaries who were influential during the May of 1968 strike in Paris. DeBord wrote about the concept of the “derive,” translated as “drifting” in English, during which a psychogeography might take place. A psychogeography calls for a demystified experience of urban space and an intentional element of chance. During a psychogeography, one elicits activities and engagements that one normally would not pursue. My psychogeography began at the San Francisco campus of California College of the Arts and continued throughout Soma.